We have studied and identified what could facilitate and accelerate the certification process for many enterprise currently undertaking the Blockchain Technology. Our experience and current knowledge gives an incentive to solve the problem of document falsification and deal with the time-consuming process of certification. There is a demand on solutions that guarantees reliability, security, autonomy, and fast-execution time.


With the implementation of Blockchain Technology, the certification and validation of digital assets (diplomas, contracts, etc.) eliminates any adverse factors and disadvantage.

The execution of these transactions into a blockchain guarantees authenticity and security of information, and definitely expeditious processing within a click of a button.

The process is simple. An Asset is any file of almost any size and any format (word, pdf, jpg, etc.). A digital asset's signature is then created through the web-app, which is a unique value for each asset.

The signature is created by using a cryptographic hash function that takes an input and returns a fixed-sized alphanumeric string. The string is called the “hash value”.

This is a one-way process, meaning that the document cannot be reproduced from the hash value. The significance is the fact that the hash value changes if there is a modification on the document itself, including the text, template, or size.

Therefore, if a hash value is obtained from the original document, it will be possible to validate the originality of the document in the future by comparing the hash values.

A match between the values would mean that the document is identical to the original one, and a mismatch between the values would mean that the document is different from the original one.

Once a certification transaction is executed in a blockchain network, the content cannot be forged, destroyed or reversed, and is therefore immutable.

Decentralization and immutability are the key elements of these verified transactions, raising the bar for security, reliability and integrity of information.

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