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Blockchain-based Data Authenticity

[Dutch article] Signature Chain (SIGN) is an online platform that allows the certification of any data and documents on the decentralized...

NFTs protect digital art

Moore Cayman use SIGN Certification

Moore Cayman Launches an Audit Verification Service Powered by Sign-Web.App, the Document Certification Tool by Signature Chain...


Waves sells NFT for $1,000,000

Russia-based blockchain ecosystem Waves has concluded the sale of an NFT outside of Ethereum. The NFT sold for $1 million on SGN Art, a web gallery for blockchain-certified art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)....

cryptoart and collectible

What is cryptoart

Have you ever looked at digital art and thought; “I wish I could somehow.. own this?”, perhaps you wondered about if it would ever be possible to have an art market, but for digital art...

SIGN Case Study

NFTs help protect digital art’s value

Fine art is a multibillion dollar market, which, in recent years, thanks to the rise of internet and digital technology, has been drifting from art galleries and auction houses to the web...


Digital art, Blockchain & NFT’s

Digital art NFTs have been growing immensely, platforms such as SuperRare and KnownOrigin have been experiencing vast growth; SuperRare recently announced that artists have earned....

SIGN Art Wavesprotocol

SIGN Art article from Waves.

Protection of the author’s rights has always been a major issue for the digital art market. Proving the ownership of a digital work of art is often problematic, and a need for a tool....

SIGN Case Study

SIGN Case Study

How SIGN solves Ownership Rights in Real Estate. Case study in Vietnam: property purchased with full ownership certificates turned out to be a fraud...

SIGN Revoke feature

Revoke feature on Testnet

In some specific cases, it makes sense to have the option to revoke a certificate, this feature is now available on testnet...

SIGN Art UI Demo

SIGN Art UI Demo

The market of digital art was always missing two crucial components in order to be an actual market; proving ownership and transferring ownership. Thanks to blockchain technology...

Cryptohuff article

New article on Cryptohuff

The market of digital art was always missing two crucial components in order to be an actual market; proving ownership and transferring ownership. Thanks to blockchain technology...

Listed on Bittorro

Listed on Bittorro.io

Instant Swap Service with 45+ Supported Coins. BitTorro makes it easy for everyone to trade crypto. Currently available for LTC <-> SIGN swap...

Cryptohuff article

New article on Cryptohuff

With an ever digitalizing world it is of utmost importance to be able to authenticate data. In our modern world this is done via centralized notaries, whether digital or non-digital...

Dapp review

Signature Chain listed on Dapp Review

DappReview's platform provides its visitors with data analytics, user insights and information for over thousands of DApps on multiple public blockchains...

SIGN Mainnet Release

Full MAINNET Release

The Signature Chain project started in 2018 following our study about Blockchain Document Certification, this was conducted for a project we were working on for a well-known Banking institution...

Book Certified on Blockchain

Book Certified on Blockchain

John Nguyen, author of the book "Blockchain in the Age of Decentralization", have certified it on Waves Blockchain using Signature Chain's freshly released RIDE Smart Contract File Certification feature.


Signature Chain is on Dappocean.io

Following the release of our first Smart Contract and switching our main File Certification option to RIDE, SIGN is now officially a dApp and have been listed on the dappocean.io website.

Intellectual property on Blockchain

Intellectual property on Blockchain

Read our article about Intellectual Property on Blockchain and get more insight about what Signature Chain aims to solve on this field. Discover also the interview with Joey Gates, Artist and SIGN Ambassador.

Signature Chain Ambassadors

Signature Chain Ambassadors

We created an Ambassador Program for anyone interested in helping and spreading the project. Ambassadors have been carefully screened and chosen to represent SIGN, and their contribution and dedication have been significantly helpful to the project.

Kolin Platform

Kolin Partnership

Kolin & Signature Chain came to an agreement that working together is a key to success. Kolin is the official translation partner of Signature Chain. Similarly, SIGN is the official certification partner to Kolin.

SIGN Update


Waves Lab released another update article about previous GRANT projects, sign-web.app having received 2 GRANTS already is part of it, read it to know more about the actual scope of the GRANTS we got.

Coffeecoin partnership


Signature Chain and the waves based project: coffeecoin.io agreed on a partnership, Coffeecoin (COF) is already using SIGN wallet from web-wallet.com and will be the first project to have the certification feature activated in his wallet.


Our project have been selected for the second time by Waves Labs to receive a GRANT and official support. This grant will cover the merge of sign-web.app and web-wallet.com and allow activation of feature on selected wallets.

Waves Custom Wallet


Signature Chain released his first side project: SIGN Web Wallet, this allow any Waves based project to get a totally dedicated and customizable Web-Wallet including sending/receiving tabs but also quick buy option, sponsored fee etc.

Signature Chain CoinMarketCap


Signature Chain has recently been listed on CoinMarketCap.
CoinMarketCap is the reference in terms of Bitcoin and Altcoins tracking data such as price, marketcap, volume, exchanges etc.

Signature Chain Binance INFO


Signature Chain has recently been listed on Binance INFO. Binance INFO is an alternative to CoinMarketCap that also provides all types of information related to Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Signature Chain live one Mainnet


Our Web Application Version 1 is now live in on MAINNET, and allows you to certify any file and document of any type and size. This version also includes sending and receiving tabs, as well as a buying token option directly in the app.


We are proud to announce that we have been selected among a few other projects to receive a GRANT and official support from WAVES Platform. This grant will cover the two upcoming features: Email Certification and Mutual Contract Agreement.

Available on Waves DEX
Available on STEX
Available on SWOP.FI
Available on puzzleswap.org
Available on indacoin.io